Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide box for your items?

Yes, we provide one (1) box per bracelet and an optional small cloth bag included inside. You may avail additional packaging box here.

What are your operations schedule?

  • We accept orders anytime of the day, 24/7
  • Our support channels are open everyday, 9AM to 9PM
  • Our partner courier only ships items from Monday to Saturday



Are your bracelets elastic?

Yes, they are. Our bracelets are carefully formed by a high-quality garterized string, which is elastic and made flexible for everyday use.

Are your bracelets waterproof?

Yes, as they naturally are. As our bracelets are made of natural and real stones, they are well-resistant to water.

What if I had a mistake selecting my size, do you accept bracelet resizing?

Yes. We know that sometimes mistakes can't be avoided, and that's why when this occurs, our team is prepared to do bracelet resize service. When availing a bracelet resize service, please don't forget to contact us, so we could help you better.