Styling with The Digital Ken

Calypso PH has worked together already with different kind of social media enthusiasts, but there will be someone who will stand out among the rest, and he's one of them. Meet the latest blogger/endorser of Calypso PH - Mr. Ken Ortega, or also known as The Digital Ken.

Ken has proved that simple style can be more exciting by just adding little twists. Read more below to know how he did it.

calypso ph ken ortega

See Ken's full blog post here featuring Calypso PH:

Fashion nowadays are becoming more dynamic. Gone are the days that a simple dress shirt paired with pants are more than enough. If you want to make a mark, you gotta look the part! BUT there are so many options out there! Sometimes [it's] really confusing with all the choices out there but a small “tweak” in your attire may help rev up your plain and simple look.

 calypso ph ken ortega olympian bracelet poseidon greek sparta

Bracelets for one, can be used to increase the aesthetic of your look. They’ve been around for a long time and are definitely here to stay. Exploring options and seeing what fits your personality can be a start.  

 calypso ph ken ortega olympian bracelet poseidon greek sparta offers a wide variety of bracelets and accessories to amp up a look. Whether it be a classic attire or a hip getup, has got you covered. I wasn’t a fan of bracelets before but seeing the styles offers made me want to try them. Go on and explore their different options and make that simple classic look better!

 calypso ph ken ortega olympian bracelet poseidon greek sparta

Check out the bracelets I picked which suits my taste. I chose the “Poseidon” from their olympian collection and “Sparta” from their greek collection.

  • The Olympian Poseidon – Poseidon is the Olympian god of the seas. The stones used in this bracelet represent his elements: Lapiz Lazuli for water, Hematite for the stormy winds and Howlite, and Snowflake Stone for the jagged rocks of the coasts.

 [Click here to check out Poseidon]

    • The Greek Sparta – The Hematite stone used is known for being the “stone for the mind”, which stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.

      [Click here to check out Sparta]

      calypso ph ken ortega olympian bracelet

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