Urban Japanese Lifestyle: New Era's Inspiration

Just last week, we have launched our New Era Collection. For this week's blog post, we will be sharing the inspiration behind our latest collection. Yep, you guessed it right. It is no other than the land of the rising sun - Japan! 

Let us be led again by our blogger of the month The Digital Ken, to share what exactly have inspired our brand to create a collection in the spirit of the Japanese lifestyle.

See Ken's full blog post featuring the the New Era Collection's inspiration → [Click this link]
Whether it be Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo, people nowadays are bound to say that one of the Asian countries they definitely want to visit is Japan. And I couldn’t agree more, too! Japan truly has lots to offer.  One brand that has embodied the Japanese culture when it comes to fashion is Calypso.ph. They are an online brand specializing in quality bracelets that are stylish and hip.

Recently, Calypso.ph has successfully captured the Japanese style through their newly launched New Era bracelet collection.  New Era is a five-piece bracelet collection that symbolizes a style where old Japanese heritage and culture meets the modern world. Just like Japan itself, the collection boasts of timeless pieces that would never go out of style. This collection shows the traditional-urban Japan of today.  

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega

Last August, I was able to visit Osaka and Kyoto, Japan together with my mom and sister. We went to a number of tourist spots in those cities, including some that were the inspiration behind the Calypso pieces.  

ken ortega

To start off, let’s take a look at the Japanese train system. Japan boasts of a very advanced train system. It is nowhere near to what we have in the Philippines (unfortunately), so travelers really enjoy going around different places with ease.

The Calypso Kamikaze [Click here to view details] is inspired by Japan’s train system as the train system is like the wind, whisking passengers around. The bracelet itself has the symbolic icon for the wind and has a style that is not like any other.

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega kamikaze

We then visited the heart of Osaka - Namba, Dotonbori. It houses the famous “Glico Man” sign and is a hub known for shopping districts and food stalls.

It is in Namba as well where one has to try a bowl of authentic ramen and a serving of takoyaki.

The Calypso Kaizen [Click here to view details] embodies Namba as it [is] a place of continuous improvement while never losing its identity. The symbolic icon in Kaizen depicts the Namba’s intricate streets. 

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega kaizen

The Fushimi Inari shrine is an important Shinto shrine found in Kyoto, which is the inspiration for the Calypso Shinto [Click here to view details]. This place is an unending path of thousands of orange torii gates that leads towards a mountain peak.

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega shinto

Japanese characters are also engraved in the shrine’s torii poles, and such was the inspiration for the Calypso Haiku [Click here to view details], a piece that has Japanese letters engraved. 

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega haiku

Lastly, the Arashiyama Bamboo forest which can found in Kyoto also served as one of the inspiration for Calypso’s Garuda [Click here to view details], which is bold and striking. The Japanese have a long history with bamboo in myths and legends, metaphorically linking a man’s strength with this plant.

calypso ph unboxing new era collection ken ortega garuda

The New Era collection from Calypso.ph is interesting in its conceptualization, with the inspiration behind these pieces equally interesting and quite gorgeous. However, it is more interesting to note that this bracelet quintet was born out of the makers’ passion for the creativity of a country, believing that Japan and everything that it stands for is not just beautiful, it is timeless.

ken ortega

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